20 years at The Gearach and still going from strength to strength. - Islay Clay Pigeon Shooting
Scottish sporting breaks on the West Highland Island of Islay. Country sports and hunting on Islay are probably the best in the UK, none better than at The Gearach Estate for Deer Stalking and Woodcock Shooting.
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20 years at The Gearach and still going from strength to strength.

I decided to write a fortnightly newsletter during these uncertain times, to connect with our clients old and new. 2020 is our 20th Anniversary!

It is still our 20th Anniversary, but it is not the celebration that we, like the rest of the UK, is able to celebrate as we had hoped. But we would like to take this opportunity to say to all our clients over the last 20 years – A Huge Thank You for making our first 20 years Very Happy & Successful!

The pandemic has had an impact on The Gearach client bookings for clay pigeon shooting, as it has been for Clay Pigeon Shooting grounds throughout the UK.

We took the time during lockdown to contact the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association for their covid-19 regulations. We invested time, money and effort to make the recommended covid-19 changes our clay pigeon lay-outs to make them “covid-safe” and ready for The Gearach visitors to enjoy Clay Pigeon Shooting here safe and covid-19 friendly.

These changes were completed before lock-down ended, and our website was updated so our visitors could see that we were ready for them as soon as we were allowed to open to the public again. As soon as the lock-down restrictions were lifted The Gearach Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground was open for safe business.

We consulted with the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association and B.A.S.C to ensure that the information on our website and the changes to our clay pigeon shooting lay-out followed the government guidelines.

During lockdown, of course we had amazing weather, long hot sunny days, so hot in fact our Woodcock Hunting Team had their paddling pool out in their day pens so they could cool down if they felt as if they were overheating. We also took them over the road to our Loch to have a swim and cool off at least twice a day.

Woodcock hunting

The hot weather and unusual amount of ‘free time’ meant that we were able to spend much more time than we usually set aside for our annual forestry management. A project that has been on going for 20 years is the drainage.. like Ted and Ralph – the drainage in the lower field or “The Glen” in our case has been ongoing as it is time and seasonal weather dependent. So with the arrival of the hot weather and “unexpected amount of time” we thought … make the most of it!

The exceptionally hot weather made it possible for us to ditch and drain acres of the forestry that, for years, had remained boggy and humanly impassable.

We concentrated our efforts in The Glen, it’s a beautiful area that the Roe deer and Red deer come to feed, graze and rest. It was so dry we were able to ditch the Glen in a herring bone formation which allows the water that is held in the peat acres to drain & flow into the main drain that runs along the middle of The Glen and out to sea.

We are currently exploring the forestry now the Red Stag rut is finished. We can clearly see that the Red & Roe Deer are using the newly drained areas which makes us so delighted that our hard work is being appreciated by the deer.

Red & Roe Deer
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