Wishing You All a Happy Safe Christmas And A 2021 that will be covid-19 free! - Islay Clay Pigeon Shooting
Scottish sporting breaks on the West Highland Island of Islay. Country sports and hunting on Islay are probably the best in the UK, none better than at The Gearach Estate for Deer Stalking and Woodcock Shooting.
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Wishing You All a Happy Safe Christmas And A 2021 that will be covid-19 free!

Wishing You All a Happy Safe Christmas And A 2021 that will be covid-19 free!

Christmas is fast approaching, and the BBC is reporting more covid-19 news that we all do not want to hear, the restrictions and tier systems are set to disrupt our longed-for Christmas and New Year celebrations that were to bring us ‘normality’ our light in the middle of the tunnel.

Despite this news, it is with a positive attitude that Mark and I keep our eye on the horizon and look forward to the Roe Buck stalking season from 1st April to 20th October. Here on the Isle of Islay we have European Roe deer, but they are considered a sub-species as their body sizes are smaller than their cousins on the mainland. There are no Roe Deer on Jura which is why our Roe Deer Stalking is always in demand.

Turning our positive attention then to the Red Stag stalking season which is 1st July to 20th October. We have returning clients who know how valuable their “Islay-time” is to them each year. The Gearach is a world away from the fast-paced stress that is so many peoples ‘normal’.

Our clay pigeon shooting ground is OPEN! We are C.P.S.A qualified & approved.

We are looking forward to the tourists returning to Islay in the New Year. It is immensely popular; we offer beginners, intermediate and expert shooters a Clay Shooting experience that is tailored to their needs.

This seasons Shooting in the UK and Europe has been disrupted and so many of our clients have been disappointed that they are not going to be able to get the thrill and excitement of Woodcock Shooting with our dogs, lovingly known as The Gearach Woodcock Hunting Team. Our UK & European clients are keen to rebook for our next Woodcock Season 2021/2022. But… we still have some weeks available! December 2021 & January 2022.

Do you Dream of shooting a RIGHT & LEFT at Woodcock? You will have the opportunity to see pairs of woodcock at The Gearach. What an incredible prospect for 2021…  have a think!

Mark and I are both members of The Shooting Times Woodcock Club.

Why not give Mark and I a telephone call over the next few weeks?

We are always delighted to have a chat with you, and we can answer any questions that you may have about our Sporting Breaks here at The Gearach.

You can email too! But to have a good ol’ chat on the phone… we love to speak to potential clients about what we offer …. Because it is SO unique… we just love to tell you what you will be experiencing.

If you are wondering what is the best means of travelling to Islay? We say: drive! The scenery through Loch Lomond is breath taking. You will start to relax, make the journey to Islay part of your holiday. It is such a stunning drive, so much better than busy airports. The plane can be restrictive on the amount of Sporting equipment you can bring.

We can discuss your accommodation requirements and options too!

The Isle of Islay – Queen of the Hebrides. Islay offers you the most breathtaking scenery, beautiful coastline, miles of unspoilt beaches and a profusion of Wildlife. Islay has a slower way of Life so you can totally relax and enjoy your Gearach Sporting Break. Then, of course, the whisky, our closest distillery is Bruichladdich, we are happy to help you arrange a tour or visit whilst you are here. You can also visit The Islay Woollen Mill if you in the market for a new shooting suit, cap, socks you name it – they have it.

We would love to speak to you or reply to your email…

We hope you have a Happy Christmas and we really hope to see you here at The Gearach in 2021 or 2022..

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