2021 – Happy New Year everyone! - Islay Clay Pigeon Shooting
Scottish sporting breaks on the West Highland Island of Islay. Country sports and hunting on Islay are probably the best in the UK, none better than at The Gearach Estate for Deer Stalking and Woodcock Shooting.
Woodcock, Deer Stalking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Wildlife Photo Tours, Islay, Scotland
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2021 – Happy New Year everyone!

2021 – Happy New Year everyone!

Mr. Macawber’s Law – from David Copperfield is ringing in my head.

Annual income £20, annual expenditure £19 19 shillings and 6 pence result happiness
Annual income £20 annual expenditure £20 ought and 6 pence, result misery.

Most of us are or have heard of a family or friend who is struggling financially due to this pandemic.
For some people it has been a time for reflection.
What enriches our Lives?
What brings us Joy?
What do we value the most?

Mark and I have found ourselves reflecting due to a huge Loss.

It was a business trip to Islay in the 1980’s by Mark’s Father, Trevor Piper that begun the relationship for us all with this Scottish paradise.

Trevor was an invited guest by the Manager of Alliance Building Society to join him on a ‘rough shoot’ – walked-up shooting on Islay with A&C Sporting Services, owned and run by Mr. Ken Aldridge.

So good was the sport, such a great time was had by everyone, Trevor decided that he and Mark should get their own Team together, and return to Islay each year as an annual Sporting Break. This was when the Gearach Forest didn’t exist. Mark and Trevor were able to shoot over the land where we now live, before the Forestry was planted!

30,000 acres of black and red Grouse, golden plover, woodcock, snipe, hares & rabbits in abundance. They returned each winter season for over 10 years.

They stayed at a local farm house B&B, Craigfad, run by Ruth and Donald Clark, who have been in our lives ever since.

Mark began stalking red stags and roe deer on Islay with Ken in the 1990’s. We purchased the Gearach Forestry in 2000.


So why Profit and Loss?

The profit of any mans life can be measured by success and money, but is that the true measure?

We are heart broken and we are feeling so much loss. The wonderful man who was invited to shoot here on Islay all those years ago, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Thursday 14th January 2021.

The ‘profit’ he selflessly gave us during his lifetime we will be eternally grateful for, our future generations here on Islay will know the beginnings of their heritage.

The profit, the abundance of our lives here cannot be calculated or a monetary value placed on it. Every day that we wake we can be and we can see what Trevor found here on Islay. Our Gearach Sporting Breaks are still going strong and are waiting to welcome you all, existing clients and new clients to experience the breath taking majestic scenery, peaceful tranquilly and of course, the amazing opportunity to enjoy A Gearach Forest Sporting Break.


Trevor Edwin Piper – 12th February 1936 to 14th January 2021.

No mans Life can be encompassed in one telling. There is no way to give each year its allotted weight, to include each event, each person who helped to shape a lifetime.

What can be done is to be faithful in Spirit to record and try to find one’s way to the heart of the man.


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