Deer Stalking - Islay Clay Pigeon Shooting
Scottish sporting breaks on the West Highland Island of Islay. Country sports and hunting on Islay are probably the best in the UK, none better than at The Gearach Estate for Deer Stalking and Woodcock Shooting.
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Deer Stalking

Islay Deer Stalking

Islay Deer Stalking

Eleanor and Mark Piper provide a unique Scottish sporting break on the beautiful Hebridean island of Islay for European Roe and Red Deer stalking.

We cater for parties of all sizes and are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

As well as deerstalking, additional pastimes include woodcock shooting, clay pigeon shooting, duck and goose flighting subject to seasons and availability.

European Roe Deer Stalking

Stalking takes place at dawn and dusk over a period of 3 to 4 hours each.

A high seat may be used at times.

Roe Buck hunting starts 1st April until 20th October.

The forest is rich in Roe deer and a good number of European Roe Deer are likely to be seen and presented during your visit.

We recommend a minimum rifle calibre of .270 with 130 grain bullet. Please check with us before selecting your choice of calibre.

European Roe Deer Stalking
Red Deer Stalking

Red Deer Stalking

Our woodland native stag stalking takes place from August until 20th October, and like roe deer, stalking takes place at dawn and dusk over a period of three to four hours each outing.

Some very fine heads have been taken off the ground over the years.

The body weight of the stags from Islay are generally a good deal heavier than the traditional Scottish hill stag found on the mainland.

We recommend a minimum calibre of .270 with 150 grain bullet. Please check with us before selecting your choice of calibre.

Additional Stalking

Stalking wild goats is also available should clients wish to take an occasional day. Subject to availability.


We field prepare to client’s instructions all trophies and place them in one of our freezers in readiness for dispatch to a taxidermist of the client’s choice. Trophies can either be tanned or mounted before shipping.

Deer Stalking Scotland
Deer Stalking


Any shooting activity is potentially hazardous and it is important that all lawful directions and advice from ourselves be followed. We accept no responsibility for any illness or loss whatsoever incurred in the course of your stalking or shooting, or any expense arising from such illness or loss.

We take your safety very seriously and are appropriately indemnified.

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